Hineni Fed Camp 2017

Machane Tiyul Drachim


Melbourne        Depart                         Return

Years 7-11        9th January                  17th January

Year 12             13th January                17th January

Sydney             Depart                          Return

Years 7-11        8th January (night)       17th January

Year 12             12th January (night)     17th January


Years 7-11                    $749

Year 12                         $449

Early Bird Discount    -$20       Applies to all camp forms received before 22nd September

Sibling Discount         -$20       Per child, for families sending more than one camper

Late Fee                      +$50       Applies to all camp forms received after 7th December

**Hineni reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee on any registrations cancelled after December 7th 2016. The amount of the cancellation fee will be determined at the discretion of the treasurer.


Financial Assistance

It is Hineni’s policy that no child should miss out on camp for financial reasons. Should you have any serious financial issues or difficulties please do not hesitate to contact our treasurer Daniel (0439 263 221, gizbar@hineni.org.au). All subsidy application forms are due by the 8th December 2016, anything submitted past this date may not be able to be provided.

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