Hineni Fed Camp 2017

Machane Tiyul Drachim


Hineni Fed Camp 2017 will be held at a modern, well equipped and comfortable campsite a couple of hours away from Melbourne. The facilities provide a perfect environment for Hineni to run amazing activities.

Comfortable cabins

  • Large dining space
  • Large meeting halls
  • Natural surroundings

The campsite's great recreational facilities include:
  • Swimming Pool
  • Gymnasium
  • Lake
  • Hikes and Trails

For security reasons, the campsite location and details regarding drop-off and pick-up will only be disclosed to campers and parents closer to the date of camp and after the receipt of the camp application form and full payment, or in discussion with the camp directors.


All meals served on camp will be nutritious, healthy and delicious. All food brought on camp must be nut free in response to serious allergies of a number of chanichim. We will try our best to cater to vegetarians or any chanichim with special dietary requirements or allergies.

All food served on Hineni Camp will be strictly kosher, in accordance with Hineni's policy.

A tuck-shop will be available on camp selling light snacks and drinks.

Chanichim are also welcome to bring their own kosher, nut free food to camp. For a current list of kosher products please visit www.ka.org.au.


The safety and security of chanichim on camp is of the highest priority. For the duration of camp there will be a trained security guard present. Above this, madrichim will be familiar with all emergency procedures, will be equipped with two-way radios and will be employing a personal system of guard duty from bed-time to wake-up time. This ensures that any matters of welfare and emotional welbeing that need to be addressed during the night are well handled by at least two madrichim.

For the duration of camp there will be a trained medic present as well as several madrichim who are qualified with first aid certificates. In the unlikely event of an emergency, a hospital, medical practice and police station are located nearby.

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