Hineni Fed Camp 2017

Machane Tiyul Drachim

About Fed Camp!!!

Hineni Federal Summer Camp is the highlight of the Hineni calendar year where senior year 7-12 chanichim from all over Australia make new friends, engage with current issues, strengthen their Jewish identity and most importantly, have lots of fun!

What could be better than escaping city life to venture into the beautiful Australian countryside with a group current and future friends for nine days in the summer? Make the most of school holidays on Fed Camp, where you will make lifelong friendships while enjoying world class home cooking, outdoor activities, and entertaining and interesting programs.

Our Fed Camp is run by passionate and experienced Madrichim (leaders), who strive to create a unique, fun and inspiring camp experience for all participants. All of our madrichim have undergone a ‘Hadracha’ leadership training course. Many of our leaders are also graduates of the Machon Leadership Program (completed during their year in Israel). The high level of responsibility of all our madrichim is important to us for the safety and enjoyment of our camp.

Camp is open for Jewish kids in years 7-12 from all over Australia & New Zealand. Sign up today!

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